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ugh no

you have to first prove the assumption that whatever this nation or its patriots "gave" (a debatable term in itself which assumes whatever the military does is the good of its people and everyone must be grateful for it whether constitutional or not) its citizens is in fact beneficial even on receiver's own terms.. if you claim that, then there isn't even a need for the constitution because central planning and whatever its claimed benefits are "good" for all automatically.

i don't even care about my secondary citizenship in terms of "nation loyalty" but i thought america isn't a "nation" in a conventional sense but simply a free land of constitutional law that allows talented and free individuals to gather and express themselves. people come to love one another through being allowed to freely exchange ideas, not because there's a central agency called government.

sorry your post reeks of violent/militant dictatorial intents. i often wonder why self proclaimed semi liberals and hard core 911-b4-liberty-issue people espouse strange claims, but as it turns out they also coincidentally read very few literature on liberty nor understand much of it. same with the anarchists. too many unqualified (not in a central planned sense as yours) people claiming to be libertarians.