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I have been away from my computer for a while

I don't know where to start. Lets be blunt about one thing. Correct me if I am wrong James_Madison_Lives, but I believe you are referring to dual citizen Isreali zionist that have entrenched themselves in our goverment thru monetary influence in the political arena. As reported by RT (Russian TV) at least 35% of all political donations in this country comes from AIPAC (American Isreali Political Action Commitee) I would argue that it is much more than that. Thru this buying of our politicians we have a goverment that is subserviant to the policy of Isreal. You think this statement is incorrect? Lets look at the FACTS. I believe most if not all of the newly elected Tea Party congress people, with the exception of Rand Paul, have declared their allegience to Isreal by declaring the United States will defend Isreal at all costs. We know that before the elections that was the stated position of Congress. So who runs our goverment? Right after the 2008 elections there was a bill put forth in congress that stated that Obama would have to have congresional approval to attack Iran. Nancy Pelosi refused to bring the bill up for vote. Her explanation for this was her "friends" in Isreal asked her to kill the bill. I ask again, who runs our goverment? If you look at the recent shreading of the constitution, by recent I mean since Isreal became a nation, Who is behind most of it? The Federal Reserve Bank, ran by dual citizen Jews. The Middle East Wars, brought to us by dual citizen Jews Wolfowitz, Pearl, Rumsfeld and others. We now have three dual citizen Jews on the Supreme Court. When they have a majority who will they serve?

Our forefathers gave us a Republic that was the most friendly to liberty in the history of the world. We have lost it. How did that happem? We voted it away. Thru the buying of our politicians and the control of the media we have been subverted to a Lackey of Isreal by the dual citizens among us. So, yes I agree with James_Madison_Lives, dual citizens should be barred from participating in the political process in this country. They should not be able to hold ANY public office or donate any amount of money to the political process.