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graduate from where?

i was undergrad of ucsd and their engineering grad school was one of this nation's best (ranked first 10 or so) the year i was admitted. i considered going that route, but i thought better after i followed ron paul and peter schiff in 08 when i realized i would be graduating into a economy in a possible depression. i was hesitant to take on more debt to go to graduate school, but i did have some closet concerns until recently my investments started making handsome returns after i began learning finance and trading (~200k first 3 months this year)

so what school did you go to, how much are you making?

in other words, what public school did you graduate from that got you here making pathetic useless posts?

and i do have dual citizenship. am i treasonous now? why don't you try and do something about it. 9 out of 10 of your threads being 911 related and the one time you do talk about something else, it is this. *laugh