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Your answer here speaks volumes!

You either believe the goverments version of 9-11 or you know the truth about 9-11 and choose to ridicule "truthers" because you cannot refute the FACTS. You were a student of engineering right? I have to assume you studied some physics? How does a building only damaged on one side fall straight down at freefall? Thats got me baffled. I am sure you can clear that up for us "truthers".

Since you are a dual citizen if you hold elected office then yes you are treasonous. I must ask you, why do you need dual citizenship? Who do you have most allegiance to? do you believe in a one world order?

Your 200K in three months dosen't impress me. The kind of wealth your talking about is not real unless you turn it into hard assets and you don't do that by trading. I doubt you are smart enough to accumulate any real wealth and keep it.