Comment: Montana pot law

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Montana pot law

I live in Montana and have followed this story. I am still hurting over what happened in 2008 in our republican caucus over the good doctor. Like elsewhere, they shut us out with extreme prejudice. And now, it is those same republicans who are, with law enforcement support, pushing to overturn this law, and now with the governor's help it seems.

I hope Ron has an angel advising him, because it is hard for me to believe that running republican again will not go sour again. These people just don't get freedom. That's the problem with both parties. They both want to shove their agendas down the peoples throat while waving the flag and shouting "freedom"! THey don't have a clue what freedom means, except their own narrow version of it.

That said, I hope with everyone else that everyone from all parties will see the light in time and vote republican because they want Ron Paul more than they care about parties. We will see.