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Comment: Plant? Weed? "We the People" mustn't know [Sounds of Silence]

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Plant? Weed? "We the People" mustn't know [Sounds of Silence]

        ☠ Auditor? Auditee? ☠

Fed loves audits. They audit anything they want.

Fed hates audit of them self... for they have no coin of their own. They have no money. They have but your credit.

  • Fed reportedly, pays property tax.
  • Fed pays no income tax.
  • You pay income tax? Fed is payee. Winnings go to Fed.
  • You are audited? Iris goes over your books. Again, winnings go to Fed.

Fed Inflates Itself Beyond "Alice in Wonderland" ... $2 Quadrillion 2010.

[Victrola echoes "Sounds of Silence" through the empty halls of Congress that fateful night, the eve before Christmas Eve, December 23, 1913]

        ☠ Skull & Bones Society ☠
        ☠ Knowledge? Keep Out! ☠

        "We the People" mustn't know.

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