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Comment: As a fellow newspaper reporter, I am alarmed by your account.

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As a fellow newspaper reporter, I am alarmed by your account.

Mr Kent, your exclamations exceed standard newspaper width. You are not writing for the Globe anymore. Might your readers suspect you are exaggerating your sentiment on this subject. Don't mind myself. Of course I am familiar with exaggeration. I use it to good advantage from time to time. Would you consider limiting your exaggerations so that they fit in a standard column?

When you write a news flash, perhaps you might use some of your journalist schooling:

  • Who done it?
  • Where?
  • What? (maybe a sketch)
  • When? (which century?)
  • How? (optional)
  • Why? (minimally,"Authorities are investigating as to...")

Since I have no journalistic schooling, I am counting on you to balance our staff here.

We can share our enthusiasm. Make another pot of coffee if you drink the last cup. Fresh ground is best.

If you cannot act like the investigative journalist you are, I don't know what I am going to do with you. Travel Section? Gardening?

Anyway, shout out if you need help with anything. I cover most of the goings-on down by the docks & gaming houses. You can have all the wars & saving the world if you like.... Never was my thing.

Anyway, welcome aboard. You may use any of the older typewriters. That new one is mine. Seniority. I am off to the wharf....

[Scurry away in haste.]

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