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The campaign can't really be

The campaign can't really be involved in this as it's too easy for people to join up and abuse the affiliation with the campaign. Even if we assume it would only be used by well meaning people, there are still enough people who could compromise the campaign if they were officially involved.

This idea, without pay or directly asking for donations, could work well enough if it were done by a third party grass roots site. The goal shouldn't be so much for the user to gain notoriety but to allow people to learn from the experiences of others. We often see topics on here like "how to get liberals" or "talking with neo-cons". A system that can quantify results and correlate topics/materials to other forums would be very helpful.

If you really want to do this, your best bet would be to create a system which can be used through any existing liberty oriented forum to give results feedback on the effectiveness of current efforts/materials. The site you create would essentially be a giant link forwarding site with organized statistics pages. The technical and user details obviously need to be better fleshed out, but, if done right, this would be a great tool to allow people who are already doing what you're talking about to increase their effectiveness.

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