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Comment: Another reason to vote against Newt

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Another reason to vote against Newt

Newt voted to grant China most favored nation trade status. As we now know, what was sold to us as the opening of China to US products the opposite happened. This has enriched US corporations, destroyed American jobs and made us poorer. Due to the trade deficit with China, we have made a once poor nation rich. Awash in dollars, the Chinese are not investing back in the US but rather purchasing energy and rare earth minerals to advance their wealth and power.

The article is very clear.

At stake is not just America’s relation to Libya, but to China. The whole of Africa is an area where the west and the BRIC countries will both be investing. A resource-hungry China alone is expected to invest on a scale of $50 billion a year by 2015, a figure (funded by America’s trade deficit with China) which the West cannot match.27 Whether east and west can coexist peacefully in Africa in the future will depend on the west’s learning to accept a gradual diminution of its influence there, without resorting to deceitful stratagems (reminiscent of the Anglo-French Suez stratagem of 1956) in order to maintain it.

Is there any wonder why the US has a new major war fighting command which is headquartered in Germany. AFRICOM. How man Americans even know this? What is their budget?