Comment: Genesis

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Man was "given" DOMINION over ALL the EARTH. "SHALL HAVE"
Research for yourself if you are a Theologian.

NOT Governments. The institution of Government was established later in time.

SIN caused the loss of DOMINION, to satan.
CHRIST restored & restores DOMINION, to them that BELIEVE on HIM. That is the Problem. Some want DOMINION by another means. However Satan can only be defeated by CHRIST.

What do you think all the ruckus is about in this World ?
CHRIST - antichrist. WAR. WAKE UP my good person. There is a WAR going on for your SOUL or BEING , your HEART, central to your BEING. Sorry, Satan and PRIDE created the WAR.

FUNDAMENTALS my good person. That is what all the NEWS is keeping you from finding out. Confusion is the tool.