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Why aren't the people of

Why aren't the people of Indiana screaming from the rooftops. This judge needs to be removed from his position. He was put there to follow the law and uphold the constitution but it is clear he is hell bent on dismantling it. He is a disgrace, by stating that one can protest unlawful entry or arrest for that matter after the fact is nothing short of indifference on his part. It is cruel punishment if an innocent person has to go through the nightmare of protesting unlawful entry and arrest through the courts. And who is going to pay for that person's loss of earnings whilst they are down at the court protesting..No wonder so many migrants who came here to live from overseas are now questioning the reasons for staying, the land of the free, it is a joke. I have friends who are leaving in droves because they can't stand it here anymore. An over reaching government, meddling in the affairs of other Nations, leaving because they don't feel secure or properous and see no future here for their children. They would rather live securely & modestly elsewhere in the world without having to witness the day in day out abuse of power that is being played out. If this law comes to my state, I am sorry but I am out of here, I would rather live with my family far far away from the mad house and the abusive mindset of the people running it.

Lemon Moon