Comment: Mike Huckabee : Hypocrite and Slandering False Prophet

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Mike Huckabee : Hypocrite and Slandering False Prophet

He is a typical phony lying preacher of the "APOSTATE CHURCHES." He quotes chapter and verse, but doesn't behave like a real follower of Christ. Anyone can teach a parrot to learn to speak chapters and verses, it means nothing if you don't live the life of Christ or by walk the walk, your just a dead empty person. What he has learned is to speak about good government, but when he was governor of Arkansas, he governed like a liberal, however, I blame the corporate controlled media for not properly informing the electorate, in the same way that Barack Obama was not properly vetted.

Jesus said to the religious leaders of his time, 'your white and clean on the outside,(whited sepulchers) but inside you full dead mans bones. Hypocrites all ! Clean what is inside first and then you will be truely clean."

What good is a fruit tree if it doesn't bear fruit. It is useless will be cut down and thrown into a fire. Huckabee is like that. He talks a good game, but he acts quit differently. He is a lying opportunistic jerk.
He is a sociopath, not unlike Barack Obama.