Comment: My letter to Leno re Huck

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My letter to Leno re Huck

Based on his comments on the Tonight Show it is very clear that he does not understand what Ron Paul's actual positions are. Stating that Ron Paul wants to strip the military, and legalize all drugs and prostitution are gross misrepresentations. This form of demagoguery is very inappropriate and only hurts his credibility, not Dr. Paul's.

He then topped it off by insulting every person that has ever supported Ron Paul. Jay, will you let this stand???? How would you feel if Ron Paul said on national TV that your fans were high school dropouts who belong to a cult and work at Wal-Mart?

I have demanded an apology from Hickabee. Now won't you Jay invite Dr. Paul on your show to represent his own beliefs???

BTW, I feel personally insulted by him, my 23 years of education aside.

-Did borrow a bit from another writer her on DP- hope they do not mind....