Comment: Get Ron On Leno Now!!!

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Get Ron On Leno Now!!!

Hopefully if Ron Paul does get on the Leno Show, he properly makes Huckabee look like the fool he is by stating the truth, how he's more Republican than Huckabee could ever be. Just how much he can appeal to social conservatives because of his lifestyle: Married 51+ yrs, devote Christian, supports life, and how he's completely against drug use, and rather for legalizing freedom, exactly how the United States Constitution mandates, and what the Federal Drug War erodes, etc... you know, the usual:) Playing the video of Huckabee and recalling exactly what he said before Ron's statement would be even sweeter, the sweetest. It would be Dr. Paul's time to shine. Can't be afraid to sling the mud this time around. They almost drowned Ron in the mud last go around, and it seems it's even more fierce this time. Please hopefully the campaign managers get it right this time.