Comment: To Pay The Soldiers (cops) Who Maintain The Banking Empire

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To Pay The Soldiers (cops) Who Maintain The Banking Empire

They will have to send out their soldiers (cops) to gather up more loot from the citizenry. The external wars are nothing compared to the internal war being waged to pay all the Empire's leaches.

Bad news, if you are human in New Rome, you are food for the government leaches who will demand you pay their pensions that the gang leader promised them for twenty years service oppressing you.

They stole one of my trucks two weeks ago in broad daylight. Unusual daytime activity by vampires, desperate. Flat out carjacking. Things are getting really scary. These pigs (soldiers) think YOU actually owe them what their gang leaders promised.

You can't imagine how bad it is going to be by next year. The TSA assaults, police carjackings, home invasions, bank deposit box robberies, private pension fund theft, murders by (cops) will only accelerate as The Empire cannot deliver on it's promised pensions or even pay the current leaches salaries. Their soldiers are already taking it into their own hands to take their salaries directly from the people by force of arms.

The federal reserve notes which The Bank of England "pays" its occupation troops in America with are in fact not money but warrants, they are called "chose-in-actions", which means they only have value IF YOU ENFORCE THEM ON PEOPLE. Soon armed gangsters will force Federal Reserve notes on you and take your property away to feed the dying beast.

Look for Fedeal Reserve vans coming to a neighborhood near you printing "occupation marks" just like the Nazi's did to seize all the wealth of the people in occupied Europe. Oh, I forgot they can already just send the Bank of England warrants to an ATM for their soldiers.

British Crown Banker occupied America is no different than occupied France in 1943. The National Socialists (technically Fabian Socialists) just print the fed warrants to seize all your stuff to feed their occupying armies.

Just say no to their warrants, Federal Reserve Notes, Starve out the British Occupiers and their American Collaborators.

The Oracle