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Comment: he is THE front runner!

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he is THE front runner!

he was the front runner in 2008 too, according to online media servers...the American people do want RP but are being told they don't want him by the msm!

herman cain is being paraded as a scare tactic to sway people towards romney

the established msm could NEVER place cain straight up against Dr. Paul...the populace would eat the former kansas city federal reserve bank chairman cain alive when compared to Dr. Paul's end the fed strategies
herman cain = godfather's pizza ex-ceo?
herman cain = ex federal reserve bank chairman!

don't listen to just part of the story!

no, cain is nothing but a spot in the wind holding the curtain for romney

will we, the American people, take it? again?
time will tell...and you can bet the msm will do their best to whitewash everything

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