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Comment: Yes indeed.

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Yes indeed.

A while back a posted a comment about Ron biding his time as to when he would announce and why the GOP debate that was scheduled for June was bumped until September.

My firm belief is that is was because of Ron not yet making a move as to what he would do. He was smart and playing out his hand. They were watching and waiting like hawks as to what Ron would do.

Our guy is a HUGE power structure on the hill no matter how the elite try to play it. He is a formidable foe. He is right and they all KNOW it. And there is nothing they can do except to
do the same old baloney as last time - only harder.

Ron IS the frontrunner. The rest of these oafs that are paraded before the public are just that - oafs.

None of them want to debate him. None of them want to stand on the stage with him. He always wins with knowledge, wisdom and common sense. Period.

And I completely agree with you Susan. It is fear. They fear
Ron. The usual babble that has come to be the norm just is not working amymore. And people are waking up to his message.

PS I am glad Lew R put your article on his site.

Ron Paul is My President