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Comment: Paul forces democrats

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Paul forces democrats

Dr. Paul forces democrats in his own district to vote for him.
They see no other alternative and most love him.
We all trust him and regardless of the establishment media, he has been playing them all along.
One should never underestimate Dr. Paul.
He uses the MSM to interview him.
They call him and he gets his message out for free, when they attack him he smiles and tells them of the freedom message they just attacked and they look stupid.
Ron Paul did his homework.
He knows how to bring people together.
He has already won.
The cats out of the bag.
The Bushies saw this coming in 06 and 07 but were unable to do anything about it because They were bogged down with their own mischief. Paul slowly slipped past the radar and formed a mass of people behind him, in all walks.
He runs his campaigns like a true conservative would.
He spends no money unless he has to. He knows this wins elections, it has for him for 12 terms.
He actually runs his campaigns with the values he believes while all the others are out trying to cover up their liberal voting record or spending like liberals through out their campaigns.
Ron Paul has already won. His message has spread world wide.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016