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Every prospective candidate thrown in the ring is merely a trial balloon right now. If the response is not overwhelming and match their criteria, this person will be discarded and FOX and the other MSM machine will just keep going till they find the person they think they can make the most electable and keep the status quo. It's that simple.

The reason Ron Paul is so threatening is because his popularity and support is so widespread through grassroots, internet and his broad based appeal to people from all the so called political parties. He is the only candidate with the potential to be relevant even without the MSM support, and as we have already seen cannot be ignored unless they destroy him through lies and fabricated deception. The onslaught on his credibility and the effort to ruin this man will be cruel, relentless and unfair beyond comprehension. He was considered a harmless oddity last election, but his steadfast course of spreading the truth and following the constitution for the past 40 years is a message the people want to hear.

And if he still survives all the media attacks, I fear his life will ultimately be threatened as he is the only candidate who truly stands to upset the apple cart. I hope I am wrong, but history has shown how ruthless the power machine can be.