Comment: While I vote in these polls

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While I vote in these polls

I realize it's mostly for my own entertainment. I do it for the same reasons I might indulge myself in a good work of fiction- it's pleasurable. Seeing Ron Paul go from 5% in a poll to 95% is satisfying.

But overall, the fact that Ron Paul wins most polls only makes the barrage of MSM propaganda all the more aggravating: they will say that ANYONE has a better chance of winning than Ron Paul. I seriously doubt there is ANYTHING we can do to change that. I imagine the powers that be snickering at how easy it is to get us to scurry from poll to poll in a desperate but futile attempt to find some way out of the rat maze they put us in.

MSM = PSY-OP and it WORKS. It really drives me crazy seeing how homogenous all the reporting gets worse all the time. The toying with the comments sections- blocking dissent, shaping an illusion of what the general reactions are to articles- is another effective psy-op.