Comment: T.SS.A. Agents: Remember their names, google them!

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T.SS.A. Agents: Remember their names, google them!

Time to play their game against them. Anyone who gets the T.SS.A. special treatment has a duty to memorize the Agent's name, publicize that person's name, find their address, and find out what they do with the dirty money they get paid to violate our basic human rights!

Google them! These groping scum probably have a lot of "friends" on Facebook.

Hey, why not write them personal notes, thanking them for being Eichmanns and Heydrichs? Or drive through their neighborbood, see if they rent or get paid enough to have a little homestead with orange terra cotta roofing?

Anyone brave enough to get a visit by FBI agents who'll want to know why you're contacting federal employees "just doing their jobs"?

Anyone want to ask an FBI agent what's going through THEIR minds as they quiz an American citizen on why they might be offended by TSSA activity?

Honestly, I'd probably be shaking like a leaf if the boys in black glasses came to my door.

But then, that's what they want.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"