Comment: Probably not related but coincidental

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Probably not related but coincidental

That I read this post right now.

One of my many duties is I'm in charge of a network. Today at 10 AM central time, we started getting attempts to break in to the server from IP, which turns out it shows its from Washington DC. They also tried to do the thing. Realized it and had them blocked by 10:53 AM but still... this is maybe the 2nd time I've seen an attempt like this from a DC IP. Didn't count them all but over 300 attempts, easy.

Usually it's China, or Taiwan, or S. Korea, or some Ukranian type attack... Phillipines... Can pretty much usually tell what type of attacker we get, script kiddies and such just probing and trying a few times... Random neophytes who don't know to shut off the User account allowing a mstsc... but this one stuck out like a sore thumb.

Probably not related to what you're saying, just something that happened today.