Comment: As for the article above the poll,

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As for the article above the poll,

They used the Ron Paul Facebook page with the second most friends to include in their list:

Sarah Palin: 3,010,066 (55%)
Mitt Romney: 917,731 (17%)
Mike Huckabee (not running): 598,267 (11%)
Michele Bachmann: 293,468 (5%)
Ron Paul 2012: 177,993 (ahead of the slimy salamander) (3%)
Newt Gingrich: 135,167 (2%)
Herman Cain: 120,002 (2%)
Gary Johnson: 117,350 (2%)
Tim Pawlenty: 93,880 (2%)
Rick "Man On Dog" Santorum: 17,230 (0%)
Jon Huntsman Jr.: 2,959 (0%)

There are literally hundreds of Ron Paul Facebook pages. If you do a FB search for Ron Paul, you can get a cramp just clicking on the "See more results" button. It's pretty phenomenal. Anyway, the one with the most friends is just called "Ron Paul" with 372,324 friends.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.