Comment: "Clark_Kent" is a tool

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"Clark_Kent" is a tool

1. Hugo Chavez is not "a dictator". He has been elected to the public office of President by the people there in three straight Democratic elections (despite attempted inteference and bribery by the American CIA), and he has also survived an attempt at a bloody Coup d' Etat perpetrated by the fascist mass-murdering American CIA.

2. Unlike America, Hugo Chavez never started any Wars in his life. He is not a Warmonger, and he (like Ron Paul) correctly opposes the crooked U.S. Foreign Policy of shame. He is also not a Corporatist. All this hatred by the United States Government directed at Hugo Chavez is precisely because he has defeated the forces of Corporatism in his own Country, and succeeded at reclaiming the control of Venezuela Oil for the benefit of their own society (and driven away the profiteers). American Oil Monopolies and the CIA (the real "dictators" here) are pissed -- and that's where all the demonization comes from.

3. Hugo Chavez has not only used Oil revenues to benefit the poor people and for social uplift in his own Country, he has also sold cheap Oil into America as well for people who qualify for assisted Home heating oil plans. This is the type of guy who America smears as "an enemy", while they simulataneously prop-up and support murders and tyrants throughout the Middle-East. In fact, it is actually America, and the American Government that is the real "Dictatorship". For we are the Country of perpetual War, no more Bill Of Rights, Human Torture, and legalized bribery masquarading as a "political system".

4. Given a choice between suffering under a bunch of lying Totalitarian War Criminals and Fascists like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, etc. .. I would much rather have a leader in this Country who, like Hugo Chavez, was a peace oriented, humanitarian, who was strong enough, smart enough, and principled enough to stand up and oppose crooked Corporatism, CIA violence, and War Crimes.


FYI: The few men of peace that we have, such as Ron Paul, have no animosity towards Hugo Chavez -- its only the fascists like yourself who do.