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Comment: It is not all about the American Dollar, it is about the powers

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It is not all about the American Dollar, it is about the powers

that be. They want to control, and I for one am not going to let this happen. My question to you all is what do we do to stop our very own government from doing this to other nations, and us? Do we rise up as well, and have a revolution, probably not, most are tied up with work, child care, a mortgage, and credit card debt. So what do we do, can someone here give us/me some answers? I am no longer in debt myself, I am self-employed, and do not have the time to leave my business to protest, so seriously what do we do as a collective in order to really change things. My only answer is leave America, and go to a country that need my skills, and education, but I love My Country, this is the home of my birth, of my ancestors place, and the home land of my children, and I don't want to leave my family to conform to this government, what should I do? I used to love being an American, and making our government strong, and now, I feel like I live in a country that is backassward, and only wants folks to live here that depend on the government. Help me please!!!!!