Comment: It all boils down to our bogus money

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It all boils down to our bogus money

Since the authorization of the Federal Reserve, we have slowly been building this house of cards. The lure of never ending money was too tempting for our esteemed congresspeople. But now, the cat has gotten so fat that it's suffocating. We're not fooling other countries like we've been able to for so long. Our govenment controlled media has kept our population in the dark, but thanks to open internet conversations, even we're waking up. The only thing our govenment has left to keep the fraud going is force, using the military and intimidation. We elect our congress people with hopeful expectations, but the Washington D.C. culture is so compromised, nice guys don't stand a chance. It's like Bob Dylan says: "You either dance with who they tell you to, or you don't dance at all".

alan laney