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How to respond...

Here's how true Arizona pro-RKBA enthusiasts have been handling "the NRA issue" for well over two decades now: Create distance.

1. Whenever someone mentions the NRA, seeking your approval or agreement, just politely say, "No, thanks - I don't support 'gun control' organizations." (A good argument has been made that we would not have had NFA-34, GCA-68 or Brady without NRA machinations.)

2. Anytime you send a letter to the editor or contact your elected reps about an RKBA issue, tack the following phrase onto the end of your message: "No, I am not a member of the NRA, nor does it speak for me." (Credit that one to the core committee of the AZ CCW '93-'94 campaign.) The media and the Congress always consult the NRA for opinion on issues; they need to understand that the NRA does not "represent" all gun owners.

3. If the NRA offers to "help" your project, politely decline. You really don't need to get laser painted for targeting that badly.