Comment: My Mind Changed About Cindy Sheehan

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My Mind Changed About Cindy Sheehan

I have to admit that when Cindy Sheehan's son was killed, and she made a protest, I was still enmeshed in the Bush/Cheney deceptions (mostly because my hatred of abortion had allowed me to develop blind spots about every other Bush position and about everything Bush did for a long time), so I was uncomfortable with her actions. But in later years I have looked back with appreciation for people like Cindy, whose various protests drew attention to what I now believe were lies told to the American people (& Ron Paul, personally, told me that I am correct on that perception) in order to pursue wars (and OTHER policies) that could not have been pursued with public support, if the government had been honest about the real reasons they wanted to pursue them.

I have to say that Cindy's was one, within a collage of many incidents, revelations and news items over time, that slowly broke down my personal blinders, until by Bush's second term I became so repulsed with the fear-ocious nature our government had taken on that I turned hard, in utter disillusionment, from Bush, in search of someone better to support. I determined I would never again support someone over only one issue, but if possible, would find even the most obscure person, if such was to be found, and support them based upon my principled convictions. My criteria were that they had to be in favor of BOTH the principle of "life" AND the principle of "liberty" (so often it was either one or the other). So, imagine my surprise and delight to discover a then obscure politician being promoted by volunteers at an obviously low-low-low-budget booth at a rural county fair I dropped in on, whose actual slogan was, of all things "Life and Liberty"! I studied Ron Paul intensely, and soon threw my whole weight into promoting his liberty rEVOLution. My criteria wasn't the sell-out "electability" so many base their support of candidates on, but a criteria of pure conscience. And it felt GREAT!

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