Comment: A NO vote is not a NO vote

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A NO vote is not a NO vote

It is all just a game.

They are all FOR more Government and central control.

Then they play the game of Democrats being for entitlements to help the poor (yeah right, by running the country into the ground and handing bailouts to all special interests).

...and Republicans being for wars which they sell as "fighting for freedom and democracy" (yeah right, by bombing innocent people, woman and children).

The important thing is that just because someone votes NO doesn't mean they are on our side. Just that they want to keep us believing in the game, the theatre that is politics.

The two-party system is a fake. It is one party with two "marketing strategies". It gives us all something to believe in and something to fight over, while the Elite turns our freedom into slavedom and our republic into a centralised, totalitarian tyranny.