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"Empire is a dictator."

And so is Chavez. By your logic we would have been much better under McCain than Obama. Liberty (Freedom) is more than anti-war, as The Man stated , "Personal Liberty, Foreign Policy, and Economic Liberty, it's all one package."

You need to educate yourself before you attempt to educate others. Dr. Paul's philosophy is more than Anti-War.

"Mr Chávez celebrates a decade in office this month with a referendum aimed at allowing him to prolong his rule for 20 or 30 more years. The streets of Chapellín are a good place to assess the impact of his self-styled Bolivarian socialist revolution."

"The most reliable opinion polls suggest that Mr Chávez will win the referendum on February 15th, albeit by a small margin. Despite the complaints, just over 50% of respondents in polls approve of him personally. The referendum amounts to a plebiscite on his rule. The tortuous, 75-word question (which does not mention the abolition of presidential term limits) will probably make little difference to the outcome. “People don’t care about the articles [to be modified],” says Ms Graterol. “What they have here”—she touches her head—“and here”—the heart—“is Hugo Chávez. They know their leader’s future is at stake.”"

"So does Mr Chávez. He has turned almost the whole of the state bureaucracy, including the armed forces and the state oil company, into an election machine. The government-dominated electoral authority has said nothing. Pro-government rallies teem with public-sector workers in red shirts and baseball caps bearing the logos of government departments. “Everyone’s here voluntarily,” insists Clevis Bozo, who works in the internal audit office of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), the oil company. “It’s the will of the people.”