Comment: Why not just make it in flash?

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Why not just make it in flash?

Less dev time, less complicated, and multi-platform.

I'll volunteer as an alpha/beta tester.

Ron's main weapon would be the constitution, rolled up. It could have a throwing option where it resembled a boomerang. In close combat it would be used like a club.

End goal would be to get Ron in the whitehouse. He would start off in the halls of congress, smacking baddies with the constitution to collect gold and silver coins. You could have various similar levels Iowa, N.H., S.C., etc. Between levels, the bonus rounds would be debate like where he has to duck and evade media talking heads like Hannity. You should try to incorporate money bombs in there somehow.

Anyhow I think it sounds like a neat idea.

Also I'm not sure about selling it. Put it out there for free or develop it for Droid/Iphone and put a 99c price on it.