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Hi, and thanks for your

Hi, and thanks for your post.

I have no doubt that the presentation can be improved. I also think it can and should be altered to suit people's individual presenting style. Perhaps most importantly, one has to ask what the purpose of the presentation is. Who is your audience and what do you want to communicate to them? While my bias is obvious, I did tone down the presentation from what it otherwise would have been because the group wanted it to be informational. That said, I think it served to be more persuasive this way than if I spun things. Ron Paul's record speaks for itself.

As far as how I got in to the group, two things worked in my favor: 1) I previously spoke to the group the prior year as part of a political campaign (I ran for local office). Therefore, I was a known commodity; 2) I have since been trying to stay active in local Republican and Tea Party groups. I became a dues paying member of this organization. I saw some emails going out regarding other candidates being presented, so I offered to present on Ron Paul. Had they not been doing presidential candidate profiling, this opportunity would not have been available.

Matt Brakey