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I'm not running for any office...

...but I am a VOTER.

And I know how a lot of VOTERS think...especially in this day of politicians who say all the right things and then to do exact opposite after elected. (Obama for example.)

What attracted me, and plenty of other people, to Dr. Paul is his consistency and his principled integrity. I could tell he was telling me the truth and that he wasn't pandering for my vote. Then, after looking at his VOTING RECORD... I could tell he really meant what he said. He actually VOTED that way.

And, to be honest, sometimes his answers are a little weak. He tries to explain libertarian philosophy in 30 seconds, and sometimes it comes off rubbing people the wrong way... or it doesn't get the point across.

Fact of the matter is, most conservatives in this country realize that we got to this point by ignoring the constitution. The Tea Party platform mentions 2 basic things... fiscal conservatism and following the constitution. Dr. Paul is the ONLY congressman who keeps his oath to obey the constitution. This is why many of us like him.

Sorry if you think I have to be a winning candidate for office before I can offer a suggestion. And if you think Dr. Paul's campaign staff has all the answers... maybe you can tell me why he's not president already. He did only get about 10% of the vote last time, remember?