Comment: So you see entities that I can't see?

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So you see entities that I can't see?

Do you hear voices that I can't hear?

Just what is it that you are witnessing exactly? You are definitely not witnessing this reality.

Besides, just because one man may be correct about 1 subject area does not mean they are correct in others. Each statement a person makes must be judged to be correct on its own merits. So your logic doesn't really hold up.

Frankly, it doesn't matter how many people down-vote my posts. Polling is not a valid means to discover truth... and neither is automatically and blindly taking every statement made by an intelligent person a way to discover truth either.

Logic/Reason is the way - the only way - to discover what is true and what is not true, and logic/reason says god does not exist. The statement "god exists" is arbitrary... and as I've already discussed below, all arbitrary claims as automatically thrown out.

Things are only true when they are proven to be true. Otherwise, they are false. God doesn't get a pass and is not an exception to this rule. No one can assume something to be true (like the existence of god) without proof and then say it's true unless someone can prove it isn't true. By assuming something is true, you are ignoring the proof altogether.

When people say, "You can't prove that god doesn't exist, so therefore he exists!", that's equivalent to saying:

"You can't prove he didn't commit the murder, so therefore he committed the murder!" (as opposed to proving he committed the murder).


"You can't prove that furry, purple aliens don't exists, so therefore they exist!"

For some reason, those last 2 sentences seem absurd and any rational person would agree that they are false statements. Yet, it's amazing that when one suddenly injects the word "god" for "a person committing a murder" or for "furry, purple aliens", the normal logic of arbitrary claims doesn't seem to apply anymore. They think god is somehow the "exception". It's not.