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Objective analysis.

What irritates me more than anything in politics is the complete inability for people to be objective. I like Ron Paul and agree with him on many issues but I can disagree too. I don't get the need to blindly and mindlessly agree with every single thing he agrees with. the excepts listed here conveniently ignore points made by Levin about the numerous undeclared conflicts in our history. For example, Lincoln ordered southern ports blockaded without congressional consent at the beginning of the civil war. A ten second google search turns up this.

"On at least 125 occasions, the President has acted without prior express military authorization from Congress.[12] These include instances in which the United States fought in Korea in 1950, the Philippine-American War from 1898–1903, in Nicaragua in 1927, as well as the NATO bombing campaign of Yugoslavia in 1999.
The United States' longest war was fought between approximately 1840 and 1886 against the Apache Nation. During that entire 46-year period, there were never more than 90 days of peace.[citation needed]
The Indian Wars comprise at least 28 conflicts and engagements. These began with Europeans immigration to North America, long before the establishment of the United States. For the purpose of this discussion, the Indian Wars are defined as conflicts with the United States of America. They begin as one front in the American Revolutionary War in 1775 and had concluded by 1918. The US Army still maintains a campaign streamer for Pine Ridge 1890-1891 despite opposition from certain Native American groups.[13]
The American Civil War was not an international conflict under the laws of war, because the Confederate States of America was not a government that had been granted full diplomatic recognition as a sovereign nation. The CSA was recognized as a belligerent power, a different status of recognition that authorized Confederate warships to visit non-U.S. ports. This recognition of the CSA's status as a belligerent power did not impose any duty upon the United States to recognize the sovereignty of the Confederacy, and the United States never did so."

I mean seriously, there are things which are opinion, and people will disagree. But 1, Levin agrees that Libya is a bizarre action by Obama, but 2, his argument that Obama isn't acting unconstitutionally seems pretty accurate considering the facts of our history.