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Comment: Obviously there is no proof of a GOD.

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Obviously there is no proof of a GOD.

There are many gods that people believe in, none has been proven.
I think people should believe in whatever entity makes them happy as long as they don´t force it down my throat.

I have been to religions gathering where people fall on the floor shaking proclaiming it was god. Seems silly to me. What is not silly is their desire to life and goodness.

Perhaps people need to feel there is a god, so that it would make sense to their existence and give them immortal life.

The species will go on, my son will have children that has children.
I don´t see why my memories would be so important, new will be made.
I am not sure I would wan´t to live forever. Nothing lasts forever and our sun is sure to die someday.

Only in life can you fear.

As long as we are respectful of our views, it will be alright.