Comment: Bill Maher senses which way wind blows, hitches ride on Ron Paul

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Bill Maher senses which way wind blows, hitches ride on Ron Paul

Bill Maher just senses which way the wind is blowing and he's going to hitch a ride on RON PAUL 2012 because that's just plain & simple our best and only real solution for America.

Bill Maher is an ex-NWO guy but he knows what's coming. New World Order is getting especially violent and they're going to get their clocks cleaned.

Ron Paul is the magic pill to restore America's sovereignty by abolishing the abominable Federal Reserve, tossing out the Income Tax & truly prosecuting these criminal liberal bankers like Blankfein, Bush Sr, Soros, Sweinstein, Geithner, Paulson and that absolute nutcase Harrimon.

Paul Wolfowitz and the rest of the traitors who tortured people, will go to prison for 4 years (minimum) for their capital torture crimes. They will be thrown out of Bilderberg and I feel we will shove these sychophants into a mental ward institution where they belong.
Especially for messing up the GOP with the neokon liberal nanny state!!

Ron Paul is a true absolute outsider, like any of us so Bill Maher must also know he will permanently shut down the Federal Reserve & we will make some sort of deal to demand the repayment of funds. Somehow we have to get our money/sovereignty back from these traitors.

I wouldn't hesitate to join a militia force to track down where that toxic communist Obama hid the US gold. In fact under a Ron Paul admin there'd be plenty of that. Obama is going to flat be taken to the woodshed for his crimes!

The great Dr. Paul isn't going to solve everything or be a magic bullet. We are gonna have to do all that. The illuminati and New World Order globalists isn't going to immediately die after a Ron Paul administration takes office.

But I do sincerely believe we'll be on the right track and the only path to survival. Ron Paul as president could literally cut off all illegal foreign-entanglements, and make a deal with the Bilderberg society to stay the hell out of our country or get prosecuted under the logan act. He could therefore have the Rothschild empire on the run, high-tailing it out the door for China....and Dr. Paul could convince the big brutal Anglo-Saxon Z'ionists to leave America the heck alone.
We already lived through one anti-christ of Obama, Ron Paul would IMO set us on the path to freedom until the 2nd anti-christ touches down in the Middle East thanks to Rockefeller. Rockefelon would also be banned from the USA, because Sibel Edmonds would testify about all the traitorous abuse they did to a Federal Grand jury. I believe under Ron Paul we could smoke out alot of the crooks who did this.