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Search "Become a delegate" and "GOP Convention"


Also read old posts here about the shenanigans at GOP Conventions.

Note that the delegates write the bylaws. In California, the courts have upheld our right of association, and so the Libertarian Party ignores completely the results of the publicly funded popularity poll (primary) held by the state, and simply has delegates vote. We often don't have an opinion in advance and wait to see which candidate for the nomination impresses us most when we see them at our national convention (interestingly, California sends delegates often without knowing who they favor, trusting them to choose correctly).

Most of the other parties "bind" the delegates to the primary results, which means they're subject to people switching parties to influence the opposition.

Since the Democrat candidate appears to be a foregone conclusion, we should outreach to Democrats to nominate Ron Paul by switching, either because they think he's a loser, but more likely, because they'd like to see him debate Obama on the wars.

What do you think?