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Democratic Underground

Is another community website that was sued by Righthaven.

The EFF stepped in to defend them, because the defense was such a slam dunk.

The DU & DP cases were very similar. In both cases:

1) The 'infringing' content was from the
2) It was uploaded by a user, not the site owner
3) It was only part of the article
4) A link was posted back to the original LVRJ article.

The difference was that in the case of the Daily Paul, the user copied about half the article. In the case of the DU, it was only a few sentences - something like 10% of the article.

The EFF was looking for a good test case to hammer Righthaven on. I was in contact with them, but the DU case was an easier win so they went with that instead. In addition to defending the suit, the EFF / DU also filed a counter suit against Righthaven & Stephens media.

Righthaven's original suit against the DU was dismissed, but the counterclaim lives on.

Hope that clears things up.

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