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The ONLY way we are going to

The ONLY way we are going to get peoples attention is to get off the internet physically talk with people especially our friends and family. I bought 100 of those for liberty DVDs and i have handed out about 75 at my families business and the response has been astounding ALOT of the people support him even down here in florida. Some are still neocons but when they see the DVDs on the counter they usually ask why we support him or try to push Cain on us which gives us a great chance to promote him and sometimes convert them or atleast get them to take a DVD lol. Its amazing when they talk about Cain. The first thing they say is "have you listen to him??" which makes me giggle inside everytime. I just say yup and that i have listened to his passed about tarp,fed chairmen and now i get to add racist after the last debate!! All im saying is the media is not going to help us one bit if we want to get him elected we have to get off our butts and physically talk to people and try our best to open their eyes.

Ron Paul > Gary Johnson > Crap > Obama