Comment: when did everyone get so pessimistic

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when did everyone get so pessimistic

You guys that are hating on maybe getting Rush to support our cause have lost your way. When you fight for freedom you fight for everybodys freedom. If give up hope to help everybody understand freedom then we have lost the war for the minds. Well I believe that theres a chance for us to make a change with Rush through pollitical activistism and that its neccessary to some how get rons name on the mainstream where he can reach a lot more people with his message. We have to love our fellow man with patients and understanding to make any change. I mean think about it we have a crazy message peace, changing money that we have used since 1913, that our foriegn policy is against our best intrest, and that our troops have fought unjust wars. Of course it will take awhile to peel away the mess our government has put us in. So be forgiving and we can maybe make a change.

"If you don't know your enemy you shouldn't be on the battlefield" William Coooper