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Calling Names,

LL, great post, comes straight to the core, the real point.
911 gave locomotion to a train of wars, Afghanistan, Iraq, and attacks on Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, & more.
It is really amazing (or distressing) that so many people who work in govt & media obey the order to stay mum on the subject of 911. They are inhibited by 'self-censorship'.
This is a lie, they are concerned about their pay-check.
These people should be called by nasty names that fit them. Because the govt & media unfairly do the same thing against truth-tellers, by calling them crazies, conspiracy nuts, etc. Name-calling is the easy way to disturb their comfort zone. I am sure it will work, they will begin to squeal. There will be gradual increase in evidence, & Light.
Fix nasty names on them, e.g. Traitors to the nation, Cowards who betray family, friends & neighbors. Pimps, Zombies, Whores, Demons, Jinns who conceal the real facts, and not bearing true witness.