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The excerpt comes right off site you posted

About 25% thru the article under the sub heading" possible real evidence" I literally copied and pasted the excerpt right from the article. It seems to suggest to me that although you can see with your own two eyes that building 7 was a controlled demolition there is evidence to suggest this is not true. They do not offer that evidence, they are satisfied just to put doubt in peoples minds about what they wittness. There maybe questions about the pentagon. There is no question about building 7. It is simply IMPOSSIBLE to get a 47 story skyscaper to collapse in it's own foot print WITHOUT severing all support beams at the same time.

I know, millions of other people know, building 7 was demolished. Why would we believe any story the goverment or thier agents in the MSM tell us about towers 1&2 or the pentagon?

In this day of cell phone cameras and all the other servailance cameras around is it not odd there are no films of that plane close to the pentagon, one of the most guarded buildings in the world?

The site you link to is suspect to me.