Comment: Although I watch both of

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Although I watch both of

Although I watch both of their shows - I feel that both of them are doing a dis-service to this country right now.

They have a huge viewership - and for many of the people that watch, its one of the only ways they have any idea what's going on in the world.

But rather than step it up and attack the real issues (TSA, police state abuses, illegal legislation and wars, corporate media lies and propaganda etc etc etc ... )

... they cover the most middle of the road, "non-controversial issues" - and therefore keep the more clueless in the audience even more in the dark.

At the very least they are contributing to the politically correct corporate news blackout. At the worst, they are participating:

Colbert had Kissinger on as a guest this week. Overall the tone of the interview was

- presenting him as a great statesman

- talking up his "achievements" as historic

- giving him respect

Meanwhile - this past week Swiss politicians were trying to serve him with a warrant for his arrest while he was attending the Bilderberg group meeting.

Kissinger is responsible for the deaths of millions of people. He is a leading globalist and dangerous psychopath.

Yet Colbert kisses his ass.