Comment: I Thought Nuclear Energy Was Safe And "Green"

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I Thought Nuclear Energy Was Safe And "Green"

Perhaps it could be that green cloud rising from the melted reactor that they were referring to when they said it was green?

By the safe part I guess they meant it WAS safe until, well, the moment it was not safe!

A worker calls in on his day off...

"Hey Bud, has the reactor gone into a chain reaction yet?"
Bud "No still 'safe'".
"thank heavens, I really need to collect a few more paychecks to finish my house in Argentina before this baby melts down!".

How many lies and murders will they get away with before this insanity results in the masses waking up and just stringing these crooks up?

The longer they oppress us with lies, fraud, force the more likely that the cattle will pass a tipping point and wake up. Then they will stampeed the Plantation Owners to death.

Once awakened, no amount of reasoning with the pissed off cattle will stop their stampede to slaughter the Aristocracy.

Ever tip cattle while they are sleeping? Boy do they get pissed if they catch you!

A peaceful revolution becomes less likely with each additional crime against humanity that The Plantation owners commit.

How many babies have already died on the west coast from the Fukishima radiation?
How many will die from this new nuclear disaster?

How ironic that by altering the jet stream to protect the East Coast Elites from Fukishima fallout the Elites created a flood in Nebraska that created a new nuclear meltdown???

Unintended consequences are a bitch! Just imagine what will be the Unintended Consequences of covering up this Nuclear Disaster in the Heartland of America?

This unconscionable coverup SHOULD bring down the U.S. Government. I am starting to wonder just how sedated the sodium fluoride has made the American people, damm this stuff is a knockout drug.

When the cattle eventually wake up and stampede, I won't be the one stringing up The Plantation Owners, but I sure as HELL won't be the lawyer defending them at their common law trial either.

They had plenty of chances to do us right and always chose to do us one more wrong.

I say To HELL With THEM if they won't see that their time is running out and change their ways.

I guess tyrants will always remain tyrants to the bitter end and that is why tyrants meet a tyrants end!

History repeats.

No one has learned anything.

The Oracle