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I agree with many who posted

I agree with many who posted here. I think the campaign and Ron himself need to get somewhat more contextualized. He's got to really draw the contrast between himself the rest of the Republicans and Obama in a down to earth, understandable way.

When I listen to him in the debates, it sounds good to me, but I've already understood his argument. For the bulk of the Republican base, all they know is TV pundits and radio talk show hosts, and so don't get a firm grounding of his arguments. I mean, I'm 21 years old, I can watch youtube and find info on the internet easily. My generation of Republicans can get info easily and are overwhelmingly libertarian -- but the majority of Republicans are older and don't utilize the internet. So when they hear Ron talking, I fear they don't have a fundamental grasp of what he's getting it.

For instance, I remember watching a video someone put together of everything the Ben Bernank has been wrong on. Bill O Reilly doesn't show that..he shows Megan Kelly and Kimberly Guiylfoyle in short skirts and high heels talking about some drunk mother. But calling to mind the fact that this guy, who's been wrong on pretty much everything and indirectly controls the value of your money and the prices you pay, would help distinguish Ron from the rest of the crop and really relate to the people.