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no reason to believe me, but this story is not credible.
I can believe that the FAA was notified about a 'no-fly zone' above Ft.Calhoun.
I can believe that they lost cooling to their spent fuel pool, but only for a few hours.
I can't believe a word of the rest of it.

As you may or may not recall, Ft. Calhoun was in the process of refueling its reactor when the waters began to come up.
If you clicky the linky, you will find that their spent fuel pool did indeed lose cooling for a time. But you will also note that the fuel pool's time to boil was ~88.3 hours. That means that with zero cooling, it would take >3 days for any of the water to begin to boil off (there would be nominal losses of fuel pool water inventory due to evaporation) - it would be another week or more without cooling of any kind for the fuel rods to be exposed creating a danger to the public.

No blackout ordered, because it wasn't 'needed'.

The only release of stuff I can find is their sh!t plant got flooded, and some turds floated off.