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All they had to do was build a wall of sandbag berms!
Sand ALWAYS keeps water out of thermonuclear facilities!
ESPECIALLY the facilities that reprocess spent fuel!

Those poor people in Fukushima Province didn't realize that, as the sea rose 78 feet above 'flood-stage', so they are paying the price! (So are WE!)

U-234 turns into U-235 (with a little 'heavy water'), and when we use it all up, we don't know what to do with it, as it turns into U-236 (DEPLETED URANIUM). It is a real BIT@H to store in the 'spent fuel pools', so why not find another use for it?
It has an atomic structure that is condusive to ARMOUR-PIERCING SHELL CASINGS!

A few water events, like the Missouri River rising, or the tsunami, are kind of BAD on the populace that happens to be nearby.

Oh, yeah...we can build 'sandbags' to defend these plants!

What do you think, 'BMT'?