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Don't kid yourself. Ron Paul

Don't kid yourself. Ron Paul is not naive. He is a very cunning fox and he knows what up. He got rid of that awful Eric Dumdodo bird years agao didn't he? Look, there were a few things that got to me from last time - the database mixup in Iowa, that they didn't pursue legal charges in that fiasco in Louisiana, they didn't go after the party with that awful fiasco in Nevada, the shutout of delegates in Texas,and they didn't do anything about the way the delegates were treated at the national convention. Most of all I would like to see them spearhead very comprehensive training for local people to take over local GOP positions and get delegate positions - perhaps they are doing that for all I know. Maybe have more outreach to the grassroots besides those fundraiser letters. Perhaps they think that C4L is sufficient for all that. Anyhow, a lot of people griped last time and were mad at the way the money was or wasn't spent on bunk ads. But you know, in the end I was very impressed with RPs forsight to hold the money and develop cool was that? He made a machine that has carried it all through to today and is going strong. I think C4L has been a strategic and critical component to RPs continued success! I trust RP fully because the more I see what he is up to the more I witness the sheer brilliance and cunning or this amazing man.