Comment: We not They

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We not They

It is our time to show the world what we can do. We can make a difference! No campaign staff shall be responsible, we shall be to blame if there is a loss. For it will not be Ron Paul that loses, it will be the idea of freedom that takes the biggest blow. This is about so much more than an election. It is about the absolute survival of our union, of our lives, and the lives of our children. The campaign staff can do nothing compared to what the power of the people can accomplish. You must stand up, take responsibility for your lives and your liberties, and spread the message. Tell your friends, mechanic, barber, plummer, everyone you meet. Spread the message in libraries, elevators, buses, gas stations, every where you go you must proclaim the virtues of freedom. Ron Paul has stated before this is a mission of the people, he just happens to be lucky enough to be a part of it. There is much truth to that statement. Embrace it and commit yourselves to the cause of freedom before it is too late!